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Welcome to
The UK TV Schedules Archive
The ONLY place on the web to find searchable TV broadcast information by date or by programme, for the history of UK television.

What We Are

What we want to archive here is programme schedule information for UK television programmes from the first scheduled programmes in 1936 onward. We are only concerned with terrestrial channels, namely;

  • BBC1
  • BBC2
  • ITV1 (including regional variations)
  • Channel 4
  • Five

What We Are NOT

  • We are not concerned with Satellite and Cable channels
  • We are not here to provide information on recent or future programming
  • We are not here to provide in depth analysis or summaries of individual programmes, series, or personalities
  • We are not here to archive pictures or clips from individual shows
  • We are not here to provide background information about any particular channel

Post Your Listings

If you have access to TV programme schedules from any era, consider posting them here. They will instantly become available to all, and be fully searchable. Whether you have old issues of Radio Times or TV Times, old newspapers, or other listings magazines, you can build on the information already here. Please read the Listing Guidelines before posting. You will need to register here (for free) to be able to contribute.

Where To Start

Please visit the News page for the latest significant additions or changes. Visit the Recent Changes page for up to the minute updates.


You can find information here in one of two ways.

Select a year from the list in the left hand column. A calendar for the requested year will be displayed. Click on a calendar date to display the schedule for the given day (dates where wiki content does NOT exist will be show in red). A list of all available schedule listings for the selected year is shown below the calendar.
Enter a programme name in the search box in the left hand column to find all airdates for that show currently held here. You can also enter a specific date in the search box to jump right to that day. Dates must be entered in the format "dd mmmm yyyy", for example "12 November 1981" (without the quotes). You may also search for anything that might appear in a programme synopsis, such as presenter name or actor name, but that information may not always be present.
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