29 July 1981

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07.00 Tom And Jerry 
Carmen Get It and Fine Feathered Friends.
07.15 Bugs Bunny 
Valentine Special.
07.40 News Summary 
Followed by Weather.
07.45 The Day Begins 
Angela Rippon with Michael Wood reflects on the excitement of the morning on the great day, with reports from Eric Robson, John Craven and Gillian Miles along the route as London prepares for the pageantry to come.
09.45 Carriage Processions And Marriage Service 
Millions of viewers around the world join BBC Television to see the splendour and pageantry of the Royal Wedding.
11.00 The Marriage Service 
Conducted by The Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie.
13.45 Midday News 
Weather: Jim Bacon.
14.00 Beautiful People 
The famous wildlife adventure film.
15.30 Nationwide 
Royal Wedding Special with Frank Bough, Sue Lawley, Richard Kershaw and Hugh Scully.
16.00 Honeymoon Departure 
Live coverage of the Bride and Bridegroom as they leave Buckingham Palace.
17.05 Disney Time Special 
Introduced by Penelope Keith.
17.50 Evening News 
With Kenneth Kendall. Weather: Jim Bacon.
18.05 Regional News 
In London and the South East only - Tom And Jerry: The Brothers Carry Mouse Off.
18.10 Film
The Sound Of Music : Starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.
21.00 The Wedding Of HRH The Prince Of Wales And The Lady Diana Spencer 
Scenes from this morning's ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral.
22.00 Main News 
Kenneth Kendall. Weather: Jim Bacon.
22.20 Shoestring 
Starring Trevor Eve in The Link-Up.
23.13 News Headlines
23.15 Cosmos 
Backbone Of The Night.
00.05-00.20 Weatherman And Regional Round-Up

ITV - Thames/LWT

Source: TV Times 25-31 July 1981 (Thames/LWT)

07.30 The Royal Wedding 
Andrew Gardner, Selina Scott, Alastair Burnet, Ronald Allison. Independent Television's biggest ever outside broadcast operation begins at breakfast time. As crowds gather along the processional route and excitement mounts, ITN's reporting team brings you comprehensive coverage with the latest news and all the atmosphere of this historic day. Sandy Gall is at Knightsbridge Barracks for the grooming of the Household Cavalry horses, Jon Snow joins the people camping out overnight, and Peter Sissons mingles with visiting world leaders. At key points along the route ITN cameras and reporters set the scene - Judith Chalmers at Buckingham Palace, Leonard Parkin at Clarence House, Carol Barnes at Trafalgar Square and Martyn Lewis at St. Paul's Cathedral. Meanwhile, the Goodyear airship Europa transmits exclusive aerial pictures from 1,000 ft with reporter Alastair Stewart.
13.45 High Society 
Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly. Newport, Rhode Island is a-buzz with activity at two big forthcoming events: the famous jazz festival, and a society wedding.
15.45 Honeymoon Departure 
Andrew Gardner, Selina Scott, Alastair Burnet, Ronald Allison. The first stage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana's honeymoon is their departure from Buckingham Palace, with a processional drive down the Mall, across across Horseguard's Parade, down Whitehall and over Westminster Bridge to Waterloo Station.
17.00 Give Us a Clue 
Michael Aspel hosts a special Royal Wedding Day edition of this popular male-versus-female game based on charades. Among the guests appearing are Lionel and Joyce Blair, Anna Dawson, Derek Griffiths, Roy Kinnear and Ruth Madoc.
17.45 News at 5.45 
Leonard Parkin. Including a complete summary of the Royal Wedding with the latest news of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, who are already on the way to their honeymoon.
18.15 Crossroads 
Adam Chance behaves mysteriously in his attempt to raise money. Kevin Banks tells Arthur Brownlow a secret.
18.45 Coronation Street 
Not having been invited to the Royal Wedding, Annie Walker arranges a public TV viewing. But she runs into trouble... Meanwhile, Len and Rita Fairclough face a very big decision.
19.15 Saturday Night Fever 
John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney. Once a week, after six days of work in a paint shop, Tony Manero escapes from his uninspiring job and demanding family. He douses himself with cologne, dons a floral shirt, skin-tight gabardine trousers and platform shoes, and prepares himself for "Saturday Night Fever" as king of the disco floor.
21.30 The Royal Wedding and News 
A round-up of all the excitement. Alastair Burnet and Selina Scott present highlights of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, including pictures not seen during the live broadcast. Sandy Gall has the rest of the news.
22.30 The Knowledge 
by Jack Rosenthal. This comedy, set in the tangled streets of London, tells the varying stories of a group of would-be taxi-drivers.
00.05 Close 
With Dilys Powell.

followed by Closedown

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