28 July 1981

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ITV - Thames/LWT

Source: TV Times 25-31 July 1981 (Thames/LWT)

09.30 Larry the Lamb
09.40 Who's Afraid of Opera? 
"Faust". An introduction to opera with Joan Sutherland, aided by her puppets.
10.00 Hands 
"Donegal Carpets". Scotsman Alexander Morton arrived in Killybegs, Donegal in 1898, bringing with him the craft of making hand-knotted carpets.
10.35 Dick Tracy Cartoon
10.40 Little House on the Prairie 
"The Music Box". Laura (Melissa Gilbert) has nightmares after the theft of a small toy.
11.30 Freetime 
Another chance to join presenter Mick Robertson in Cambridge.
12.00 Paperplay 
Susan Stranks, "Bouncing Cats". After singing a nursery rhyme about cats, Sue and her puppet spider pals Itsy and Bitsy show you how to make a bouncing cat.
12.10 Pipkins 
"Any Old Iron". Hartley discovers that old rubbish can be made into something exciting.
12.30 Home and Design 
Peter Lewis, Diana Wallis, Mary Gilliatt, "Furniture". This week's programme investigates all types of furniture.
13.00 News at One
13.20 Thames News
13.30 About Britain 
"Fantasy on a String". This documentary follows the transformation of a redundant medieval church through to its opening as a modern puppet theatre. The narrator is Christine Webber.
14.00 After Noon Plus - A Summer Season 
2.0 "Adapting to Fashion", Betty Foster. Focusing on bodices and sleeves. - 2.20 "Daly Beauty", Barbara Daly. In today's special wedding edition, Barbara demonstrates the kind of makeup routine that she will be using on Lady Diana.
14.45 Sounding Brass 
Brian Glover in "H.G. and the Battle of Waterloo". Music director H.G. Bestwick (Brian Glover) decides strong measures are needed to raise the standing of the band.
15.45 Cabbages and Kings 
Alan Coren, Benny Green, Harry Whewell, Bill Tidy, Robin Ray. A light-hearted literary quiz in which chairman Robin Ray asks celebrities: "Who said what, where and when?"
16.15 Porky Pig 
"The Wearing of the Grin". Porky takes refuge.
16.20 Razzmatazz 
Alastair Pirrie, Lyn Spencer. Today's guests include Chas and Dave, Lindisfarne's Ray Jackson, Paul Nicholas, Bonny Langford, Kiki Dee and Madness.
16.45 Heavens Above 
Heather Couper and Terence Murtagh explore the wonders of stars.
17.15 Diff'rent Strokes 
Conrad Bain in "Arnold's Hero", with Muhammad Ali. Arnold's wildest dream is to be realised - he is to meet his hero "The Champ" Muhammad Ali. But when the plans almost fall through Kimberly and Willis scheme together to ensure that his dreams really does come true.
17.45 News at 5.45
18.00 Thames News
18.35 Crossroads 
A crisis develops in the kitchen over the Royal Wedding. Shughie McFee is not very receptive to a suggestion from Meg Mortimer.
19.00 The Return of the Pink Panther 
Peter Sellers, Christopher Plummer, Catherine Schell, Herbert Lom. For years, the priceless jewel known as the Pink Panther has remained on display as the national treasure of the eastern state of Lugash. Theft is impossible - but with a combination of a crossbow, aerosol spray, floor wax and a very clever criminal, the impossible is achieved. General Wadafi, the head of state, insists that Inspector Clouseau, the Sûreté detective who recovered the Panther once before, be called in.
21.00 The Royal Fireworks and News 
On the eve of the Royal Wedding, Andrew Gardner and Selina Scott present live, uninterrupted coverage as the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and other members of the Royal Family attend a spectacular fireworks display at Hyde Park, London. On the spot is Alastair Burnet who provides the commentary. Centrepiece of the display is a replica of the huge palace of fireworks used in 1749, when Londoners cheered the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle. Further highlights of the evening include Prince Charles lighting the first of a nation-wide chain of beacons and bonfires and a finale featuring a giant Catherine-wheel rising 150 ft. into the night sky. Adding dazzle to the displays are the massed bands of the Household Division, the choir of the Welsh Guards and the Morriston Orpheus Choir. The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery fires a salute. Also, the Goodyear airship Europa transmits exclusive live pictures from 1,000ft.
23.00 The Diana Ross Special 
From Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, a lavish spectacular featuring one of America's most exciting vocalists - Diana Ross. Helping Diana are a laser light show and a 50-piece orchestra. Her repertoire includes some Supremes hits, from her days as the group's lead singer; songs from her films "The Wiz" and "Lady Sings the Blues"; and a sample of her recent album "The Boss."
00.25 Close 
"Sit Up and Listen" as Dilys Powell reads a favourite poem.

followed by Closedown

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