27 March 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times March 24, 1939.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
15.00 'Pick-Me-Up' 
Phyllis Monkman and Charles Heslop in a Television Tonic prescribed by Nicholas Phipps and set to music by Geoffrey Wright. With Queenie Leonard, Graham Payn, and Wendy Toye. At the pianos, Roy Ellis and the Composer. Production by Reginald Smith
15.35 News Film 
British Movietonews
15.45 'Take Your Cue!' 
A billiards demonstration by Sidney Lee
15.55-16.00 Cartoon Film 
Orphans' Benefit
20.15 'Magyar Melody' 
a musical romance by Eric Maschwitz, Fred Thompson, and Guy Bolton. Lyrics by Harold Purcell and Eric Maschwitz. Music by George Posford and Bernard Grun. Dances and ensembles arranged by Joan Davis and Cleo Nordi. Cast, in order of appearance : Jarvis—Jerry Verno ; Robins —Ivor Watt; Susan Townsend— Anne Allan ; Flora, Lady Herriot-— Isobel Ohmead; Mrs. Townsend-— Barbara Spicer; Michael Herriott— Roger Treville ; The Duke of Firth — Lawrence Anderson; Czardas Dancers—Betty Bucknell and Pierre ; Julika—Betty Warren ; Peasant Girl —Maggie Jarvis ; Roszi Belvary— Binnie Hale ; Count Ferenc—Arthur Margetson; The Empress Elizabeth— Stella Arbenina ; The Bosniak—Leo Morest; The Monkey- 'Stanley' ; Bardos—Jimmy Godden ; Istvan— Jimmy Miller ; Actresses — Sara Fischer, Josephine Yorke, Maggie Jarvis, Red Rowan, and Jeanne Planas ; Major Lonay—Allan Bourne Webb ; Captain Szermay —- Peter Mosley; The Ballerina — Betty Bucknell. Walford Hyden directing his Magyar Symphonic Orchestra. Production by William Mollison. Televised direct from His Majesty's Theatre, the longest West-End production ever shown to viewers
23.10-23.30 News Bulletin
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