26 February 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times February 24, 1939.

15.00 'Television Surveys' 
No. 5—The Civil Air Guard. By permission of the London Air Park Flying Club, the training of pilots for the Civil Air Guard, demonstrated at Hanworth Aerodrome
15.30 'As The Story Goes' 
The Hogarth Puppets in a children's programme. Presented by Ann Hogarth and Jan Bussell, assisted by Kitty Tyzack
15.45 Cartoon Film 
Mickey's Pal Pluto
15.50-16.00 Wilfrid Walter 
in his own sketch, Dancing Partners
19.55 National Programme 
(Sound only)
21.05 'The Dark Lady Of The Sonnets' 
by George Bernard Shaw. With Helen Haye as the Lady (Queen Elizabeth), Henry Oscar as the Man (Shakespear), Angela Baddeley as the Dark Lady, and Reginald Purdell as the Beefeater. Production by George More O'Ferrall. This programme will be repeated on Monday, March 6, at 15.35
21.30 Cartoon Film 
Building a Building
21.35 Moiseiwitsch 
21.45 Sports Film 
High, Wide, and Dashing
21.55-22.25 'Sight And Sound' 
Sir Kenneth Clark, Director of the National Gallery, will act as Master of the Ceremonies in a test of skill. Painters will face poets ; the artists will be asked to spot quotations and the poets will be shown well-known pictures and asked their authorship. Presentation by Mary Adams
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