25 December 1965

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Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears

09.15 Welcome Christmas
09.45 FILM- Way Out West 
Laurel and Hardy
10.45 See the Children Sing
11.15 Morning Service
12.00 Leslie Crowther
Meet the Kids
12.45 Champions on Ice
13.25 The Andy Williams Show
14.15 Dixon of Dock Green
15.00 The Queen
15.05 Billy Smart's Circus
16.00 Disney Time 
with Maurice Chevalier
16.50 Mother Goose 
starring Norman Vaughan and Terry Scott
18.25 News Summary
18.30 Val Doonican 
appeals for Family Service Units
18.35 Doctor Who 
starring William Hartnell in The Feast of Steven
19.00 Max Bygraves meets The Black and White Minstrels
20.00 FILM- Road to Bali
21.30 The Ken Dodd Show
22.30 The News
22.35 Top of the Pops 65 
with Jimmy Savile, David Jacobs, Alan Freeman, Pete Murray
23.50 A Christmas Reverie
00.00 Weather


Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears

18.30 When Comedy Was King
19.55 News Summary
20.00 The Childhood of Christ
21.35 Island Yearbook
22.35 Eugenie Grandet
23.20 Late Night Line-up
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