25 December 1963

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09.00 Gwelson El Seren Ef
09.30 Her Majesty the Queen
09.35 Ring of Bright Water
10.00 Zizou the Alpine Cat
10.15 Watch with Mother- Andy Pandy
10.30 Morning Service
11.30 Frankie Howerd
Meet the Kids in hospital this Christmas
12.15 FILM
The Red Stallion
13.30 Carols for Christmas Day
14.00 Walt Disney
15.00 Billy Smart's Circus
16.05 FILM- Abbott & Costello Meet Captain Kidd
17.15 Sooty 
Sooty's Christmas Party
17.30 The News
17.40 The Mills Family 
John, Mary, Juliet, Hayley and Jonathan Mills appeal on behalf of Freedom from Hunger
17.45 Dick Whittington 
starring Terry Scott, Hugh Lloyd and Reg Varney
19.15 Z Cars
20.05 Christmas Night 
with the Stars introduced by Eamonn Andrews, featuring The Black and White Minstrels, Russ Conway, Dixon of Dock Green, Dick Emery and Joan Sims, Hugh and I, It's a Square World, Juke Box Jury, The Marriage Lines, Kenneth McKellar, Nina and Frederick, Andy Stewart
21.25 FILM- The Gold Rush 
Charlie Chaplin, 1925.
22.35 The News
22.40 The Christmas Music from Messiah
23.35 Holy Night
23.40 Weather
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