25 December 1957

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BBC Television

Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears

10.30-11.30 Service 
from the recently reconsecrated Church of St Andrew, Plymouth
14.30 Royal Prologue
Crown and Commonwealth
15.00 The Queen
15.15 Billy Smart's Family Party
16.00 Children's Television
16.20 FILM
Mrs Mike starring Dick Powell
18.00 News and weather
18.05 Today's Sport
18.15 Opera from Munich
Mozart's Don Juan Act I, sung in German
18.55 Wireless for the Blind
An Appeal
19.00 News
19.05 Gene Kelly 
Songs and dances from the films of Gene Kelly
19.30 Pantomania presents The Babes in the Wood 
with Eamonn Andrews, Derek Bond, Kenneth Connor, Sam Costa, Peter Dimmock, Charlie Drake, Tony Hancock, Benny Hill, Sid James, Cliff Michelmore, Jean Metcalfe, Derek Hart, Bill Maynard, Jack Payne, Sylvia Peters, Ted Ray, Huw Wheldon, Peter Haigh
20.30 When We Are Married 
by JB Priestley
22.00 Music for You 
Singers and ballet
23.00 News and weather
23.10-23.20 Epilogue
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