25 April 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times April 21, 1939.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
15.00 'Shall We Join The Ladies?' 
A one-act play by J. M. Barrie. Cast: Mr. Vaile - Frank Allenby, Miss Vaile - Veronica Turleigh, Mr. Preen - Basil Radford, Mrs. Preen - Molly Lumley, Lady Jane - Faith Bennett, Mrs. Bland - Mary O'Farrell, Captain Jennings - Donald Strachan, Miss Isit - Josephine Wilson, Sir Joseph - D. A. Clarke-Smith, Lady Wrathie - Margaretta Scott, Mrs. Castro - Joan Clement-Scott, Sam Smith - Richard Goolden, Mr. Gourley - Olaf Olsen, Butler - Aubrey Dexter, Maid - Audrey O'Flynn, Policeman - Peter Henschel. Production by George More O'Ferrall
15.40 News Film 
Gaumont-British News
15.50 Cyril Fletcher 
15.55-16.00 Cartoon Film 
Fishing Around
20.00 National Programme 
(sound only)
21.00 A. C. Astor 
(ventriloquist). At the piano, Evel Burns
21.10 Cartoon Film  
Beach Party
21.15 Friends From The Zoo 
Introduced by David Seth-Smith and their keepers
21.30 News Film 
British Movietonews
21.40 'Bee For Budget' 
Hubert Phillips will devise some teasing questions and will act as Master of the Ceremonies in a topical tug-of-war between taxpayers and the experts. Presentation by Mary Adams
22.15 Frederic Lamond 
22.30-22.50 News Bulletin
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