24 September 1973

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Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears (Radio Times London Edition 22-28 September 1973)

09.38-12.10 For Schools, Colleges
  • 09.38 Maths Workshop 
  • 10.00 Merry-go-Round 
  • 10.23-10.43 Exploring Science 
  • 11.00 A Year's Journey
  • 11.22 Music Time 
  • 11.45-12.10 New Horizons 
12.20 A Chance to Meet 
the Chief Rabbi
12.55 Cwn Defaid 
Sheepdog trials, in Welsh
13.25 News
13.30 Andy Pandy
13.45-13.55 The Fanatics
14.02 For Schools, Colleges
  • 14.02 Words and Pictures
  • 14.20 Drama 
14.50 Times Remembered
15.00 Scope
15.30 Reporter at Large
16.00 Play School 
with Carol Chell and Johnny Silvo
16.25 Yogi Bear
16.35 Jackanory
16.50 Blue Peter
17.15 The White Horses 
A film from Yugoslavia (Black and white)
17.40 Adventures of Parsley
17.45 National News 
with Kenneth Kendall
18.00 Nationwide 
News and views in your region in Look North, South Today, Look East, Midlands Today, Points West, Spotlight South West, Reporting Scotland, Wales Today, Scene Around Six followed by Michael Barrett, Frank Bough and Bob Wellings
18.45 Sykes 
Eric and Hattie suspect their new neighbours are operating a spy ring
19.15 Star Trek
20.00 Panorama 
including an interview with the Leader of the Opposition, Harold Wilson
20.50 Natural Break 
David Attenborough dips into the treasury of natural history film
21.00 Nine O'Clock News 
with Kenneth Kendall and Peter Woods
21.25 FILM How to Save a Marriage...and Ruin Your Life
23.05 Mastermind
23.35 Late Night News
23.40 A View from Richard Baker
00.05-00.10 Weatherman; Regional News 
(exc London)

BBC Scotland

as above except

23.40-00.10 Kings, Lords and Commoners 
followed by News; Weather

BBC Wales

as above except

13.30-13.45 Ar Lin Man
18.45 Heddiw
19.05 Tom and Jerry
19.15-20.00 Wonderful World of Disney
23.05-23.35 Football Preview


Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears (Radio Times London Edition 22-28 September 1973)

11.00-11.25 Play School
17.25-19.00 Open University
19.30 News Summary
19.35 Opinion- Education
20.00 The High Chaparral
20.50 Call My Bluff
21.25 Horizon
22.20 Then and Now 
Six new plays showing the work of three women writers, three set in the 30s and three in the 70s.
22.50 News Extra
23.20-00.05 Open Door
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