22 September 1955

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ITV (Associated-Rediffusion)

Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears

19.15 The Ceremony at Guildhall
  • 19.15 The guests arrive
  • 19.30 The Halle Orchestra
  • 19.45 Inaugural speeches 
    From the Lord Mayor of London and the Chairman of the ITA, Sir Kenneth Clark.
20.00 Channel 9 
A sparkling variety show from the ABC Television Theatre, introduced by Jack Jackson
20.40 Drama 
Robert Morley introduces The Importance of Being Earnest (excerpt), Baker's Dozen, Private Lives
21.10 Professional Boxing 
Terrence Murphy v Lew Lazar.
22.00 News and Newsreel
22.15 Gala Night 
at the Mayfair introduced by Leslie Mitchell
22.30 Star Cabaret 
with Billy Ternent and his Orchestra
22.50 Preview 
of some of the programmes to come on Independent Television in the coming months
23.00 Epilogue 
and closedown
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