21 October 1938

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times October 14, 1938.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
15.00 'Juno And The Paycock' 
a tragedy in three acts by Sean O'Casey. Cast : Captain Jack Boyle- Harry Hutchinson ; Juno Boyle, his wife- Maire O'Neill ; Johnny Boyle and Mary Boyle (their children) - Patrick Boxill and Joyce Chancellor ; 'Joxer' Daly- Tony Quinn ; Mrs. Maisie Madigan- Betty Hardy ; 'Needle' Nugent, a tailor- Jack Bland ; Mrs. Tancred- Margaret Nicholls ; Jerry Devine- Harry Fine ; Charlie Bentham- Laurence Shiel ; An Irregular Mobilizer- Charles Maunsell ; A Coal-Block Vendor- George Dillon ; A Sewing-Machine Man- Alex McCrindle ; A Neighbour - Rose Murray ; A Policeman- Eric Noels. Production by Fred O'Donovan
21.00 Starlight 
Elsie Carlisle and Sam Browne
21.10 Film 
Paula Wessely as Grand Duchess Marie Louise and Willy Forst as Franz, Duke of Modena, in So Ended A Great Love. With Gustav Grundgens as Count Metternich, Franz Herterich as Emperor Franz I, Erna Morena as Josephine, Edwin Jurgensen as Talleyrand
22.40-23.00 News Bulletin 
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