19 February 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times February 17, 1939.

15.00 'Television Surveys' 
No. 4—'Autogiros'. By permission of the de Cierva Autogiro Co., the unusual take-off, flying, and landing characteristics of the autogiro, demonstrated at the London Air Park, Hanworth
15.20 Cartoon Film 
Klondike Kid
15.25 Friends From The Zoo 
introduced by David Seth-Smith and their Keepers
15.40-15.50 Sports Film 
19.55 National Programme 
(sound only)
21.05 Low 
on Colonel Blimp. Presentation by Mary Adams
21.15 Cartoon Film 
21.20-22.00 'Checkmate' 
The Vic-Wells Ballet Company, in a ballet in one scene with a prologue. Music by Arthur Bliss; Costumes and decor by E. McKnight Kauffer. Choreography by Ninette de Valois. The Two Players— Joy Newton and Frederick Ashton; Red Pawns— Molly Brown, Guinevere Parry, Wenda Horsburgh, Elizabeth Kennedy, Patricia Garnett, Mavis Jackson, Jean Bedells, Margaret Dale; The First Red Knight-—Harold Turner ; The Second Red Knight— William Chappell ; The Black Queen —June Brae ; The Red Queen— Pamela May ; The Black Knights— Richard Ellis and Michael Somes ; The Red King—Robert Helpmann ; Red Castles-—Leslie Edwards and John Nicholson ; Red Bishops—Paul Reymond and Stanley Hall ; Black Pawns—Jill Gregory, Julia Farron, Joy Newton, Annabel Farjeon, Anne Spicer, and Palma Nye; Black Castles —Leslie Edwards and John Nicholson. The augmented BBC Television Orchestra, leader Boris Pecker, conducted by Constant Lambert. Presentation by D. H. Munro
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