18 June 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times June 16, 1939.

15.00 The Hogarth Puppets 
Presented by Ann Hogarth and Jan Bussell, assisted by Kitty Tyzack
15.15 Cartoon Film 
Flowers and Trees
15.20 A Selection 
by The BBC Television Orchestra. Leader, Boris Pecker. Conductor, Hyam Greenbaum
15.30 Film 
Five Faces
16.00-16.10 Maurice Schwartz 
of the Yiddish Art Theatre Co.
19.55 National Programme 
(sound only)
21.05-22.30 'Inquest' 
A play by Michael Barringer, with Clarence Bigge, Basil Cunard, Leo Gavronsky, Mary Glynne, Anthony Hawtrey, Walter Hudd, Herbert Lomas, George Manship, Nelson W. Phillips, James Stadden, Hilda Trevelyan, James Woodburn. Jurymen, pressmen, and spectators. Production by Lanham Titchener
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