18 February 1957

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BBC Television

Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears

15.00 Mainly for Women
  • Look and Choose
    an enquiry into vacuum cleaners
  • Quick and Easy Dressmaking
  • Fashion Report
15.45-16.00 Watch with Mother- Picture Book
17.00 Children's Television
Studio 'E' :Vera McKechnie introduces George Cansdale and his animal guests, Ion Trant on his Welsh farm, Ossie Noble with Harold Taylor and Carlos with his pigeons, Reg Darnley and his holiday harmonica, and 'Packi', a strip cartoon drawn by Tony Hart.
17.57 The Weather
18.00 News and Sports News
18.05 Tonight 
A new early evening programme for all the family, introduced by Cliff Michelmore
18.45 Monday Melody
19.15 News and Behind the Headlines
19.30 This is Your Life 
with Eamonn Andrews
20.00 Theatre Night
The Member of the Wedding
20.45 Panorama 
with Richard Dimbleby
21.30 Off the Record 
introduced by Jack Payne
22.00 Meet Jeanne Heal 
Jeanne talks to her visitors on a topic of her choice
22.15 Picture Parade 
A weekly magazine of films and film personalities
22.45 News 
followed by Weather and Closedown
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