16 January 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times January 13, 1939.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
15.00-16.30 'Square Pegs' 
by Lionel Brown. Jack Livesey, Marjorie Mars, and A. Bromley-Davenport with Hilary Eaves, Judith Gick, Elizabeth Arkell, Mary Lennox, Desmond Keith, J. B. Rowe, Kenneth Morgan, Gerald Jerome. Production by Fred O'Donovan
19.50 Regional Programme 
(sound only)
21.00 News Map 
No. 9 - Spain. Maps by J. F. Horrabin. Commentary by Arnold J. Toynbee, Director of Studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs
21.20 Starlight
21.30 News Film 
Gaumont-British News
21.40 Segovia 
21.50 Cartoon Film 
Cat's Nightmare
21.55 Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling 
A demonstration by Harry Anaconda of England and Alan Muir of Scotland. Commentary by E. R. Voigt
22.10-22.30 News Bulletin 
(sound only)
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