15 April 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times April 7, 1939.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
15.00 Francis Redvers Miniature Theatre 
Puppets make grand television material, and this afternoon a new troupe makes its debut. There are two points of interest about it: the figures are exceptionally small, some being no more than seven inches in height ; and Francis Redvers manipulates them by himself, despite the fact that in one scene more than half a dozen puppets are on the stage at the same time. Jan Bussell, an expert on puppets himself (viewers have seen his Hogarth troupe several times) will be in the control room
15.10 News Film 
Gaumont-British News
15.20 Joan Collier 
in songs. At the piano, Evel Burns
15.30 Cartoon Film  
Wise Little Hen
15.35-16.00 'The Van Dyck' 
Tom Walls in a one-act comedy by Cosmo Gordon Lennox. Cast: Arthur Blair Woldingham- Tom Walls, John Peters- Campbell Gullan, Dr. Porter- Donald Findlay. Presentation by Harry Pringle
20.00 Regional Programme 
(sound only)
20.50 Interval
21.00 Henry Sherek's Chester Hale Girls 
and Vera Haal from the Dorchester Hotel
21.15 Cabaret Cartoons 
Cartoons by Harry Rutherford. Presentation by Cecil Madden
21.30 News Film 
British Movietonews
21.40 Catch-As-Catch-Can 
A demonstration of wrestling between Harry Anaconda and Dave Armstrong. Described by E. R. Voigt
22.00 Cartoon Film  
Blue Rhythm
22.05 'The Almost Perfect Murder' 
A 'Telecrime' by Mileson Horton. With J. B. Rowe, Eric Maturin, Franklyn Bellamy, Bryan Powley, Frank Foster, Edmund Phelps. Production by Stephen Harrison. Viewers will be given sufficient evidence to enable them to solve the problem that confronts Inspect Holt. This programme will be repeated on Friday, April 21
22.20-22.40 News Bulletin
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