13 November 1999

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Source - TV Times, 13-19 November 1999

06.35 What A Whopper! 
Comedy starring Adam Faith and Sid James. A young author decides to boost his sales by producing the subject of his new book - the Loch Ness monster. (1961 b/w)
08.00 Weekend 24 
News round-up.
09.00-10.50 Asia 2
  • 09.00 Manjdhar
Pakistani family drama series
  • 09.30 Cafe 21
A cross section of multi-cultural youth shares it's attitudes towards sex, the liberal nature of society and the issue of sex education.
  • 10.00 Network East
Includes a live performance from the girl band Trickbaby
10.50 See Hear! On Saturday 
This programme visits the Orkney Isles, and goes behind bars to find out about a new scheme to find deaf advocates to visit deaf prisoners.
11.35 The Sky At Night 
As last Sunday
11.55 The Letter 
Somerset Maugham drama, the first of two films starring Bette Davis. A woman kills a man on her husband's rubber plantation, claiming self-defence. But the dead man's widow holds an incriminating letter. (1940, b/w)
13.25 The Great Lie 
Weepie starring Bette Davis and Mary Astor. When a playboy aviator's plane goes missing in the jungle, his pregnant ex-wife and his former childhood sweetheart strike a strange bargain. (1941, b/w)
15.10 The Virginian 
Strangers at Sundown
16.20 TOTP2 
Featuring Chas and Dave, The Damned, Prefab Sprout, Abba, XTC and The Mavericks.
17.05 Correspondant 
Following last month's coup in Pakisatan, Pakistani journalist Najem Sethi, who was arrested by his country's previous administration after he accused the prime minister of corruption, attempts to find out why democracy keeps failing in this part of Asia.
17.50 What The Papers Say 
A review of the week's newspapers by Deborah Orr of The Independant.
18.00 The River 
From Henley to Eel Pie Island: 3 of 4, Series exploring the history of the River Thames. Patrick Wright traces the class wars and scandalous happenings that have characterised this stretch of the river. With a guest appearance by Christine Keeler.
18.50 Match of the Day - Live 
Ireland v Turkey: The first leg of the Euro 2000 play-off match between Republic of Ireland and Turkey, from Lansdowne Road (kick-off 7.00). Introduced by Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen. Commentators are Jon Champion and Mark Lawrensen.
20.55-00.50 Doctor Who Night 
Tom Baker introduces an evening of programmes celebrating the time-travelling hero.
  • 21.00 Doctor Who-Adventures in Space and Time
Documentary tracing the history of Doctor Who
  • 21.40 The Pitch of Fear
Comedy starring Mark Gatiss from The League of Gentlemen
  • 21.45 How To Live Forever
Short film looking at Doctor Who's ability to metamorphose into another being by the process of regeneration.
  • 21.50 Carnival of Monsters
Documentary looking at the aliens featured in Doctor Who, beginning with the Daleks, the first evil extraterrestrials encountered by the Doctor.
  • 22.20 The Web of Caves
Short comedy about the villains featured in Doctor Who. With Mark Gatiss, David Walliams and Paul Putner.
  • 22.25 How to Build a Tardis
Short film about Doctor Who's Tardis - a small Fifties police telephone box.
  • 22.30 Doctor Who
The Daleks. Vintage final episode from the first series starring William Hartnell (b/w), followed by the Kidnappers Short comedy.
  • 11.30 Doctor Who
Feature-length version of the TV series, made in 1996, starring Paul McGann as the time-lord. It is the turn of the millenium and the eighth Doctor is about to take on The Master in order to save the Earth. With Eric Roberts, Daphne Ashbrook and Sylvester McCoy.
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