13 June 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times June 9, 1939.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
15.00 News Film 
British Movietonews
15.10 Charles B. Cochran's 'Night Lights' 
from the Trocadero Grillroom with The Five Cleveres, McKay and Lavelle , Gerald Nodin, D. Knox Crichton, and Mr. Cochran's Young Ladies. Decor and costumes designed by Doris Zinkeisen. Choreography by Buddy Bradley and Antony Tudor. Music arranged by Elsie April. New music composed by Elsie April and Lorraine. Television presentation by Pat Hillyard
15.55-16.00 Cartoon Film 
Mickey in Arabia
20.00 National Programme 
(sound only)
21.00 Western Cabaret 
No. 3. With Big Bill Campbell, Evelyn Dall, Buck Douglas, Larry Adamson, Joe, Steve, and Hank, The Three Van Strattans. Harry Letter and his Hayseeds— Babs May, Goofus Brown, 'Pop' Tom Soulsby, Jack Leng, Dug Duffton, Ted North. Freddie 'Trump' Wood and the Hill-Billy Band, and Visitors to the Ranch — Tenderfoot Claude Dampier with Billie Carlyle. Presentation by Harry Pringle
21.45 'Chances Fair And Choosers True' 
A Bee. Sir Walter Raleigh and Mr. Micawber summon an instant picture to the mind, but what about Pocohantas or Michael Mont? Characters from history and fiction will be represented in the studio and a group of well-known men and women will try to identify them. The episodes have been selected by Amabel Williams-Ellis, who will also act as Master of the Ceremonies. The Competitors : Miss B. A. Clough, David Hindley-Smith, Mrs. A. Lawrence, Sir Denison Ross, C.I.E., Miss Toby-Henderson, Sir Hugh Walpole, C.B.E. The Players : Basil Cunard, Clayton Green, Wilfred Grantham, Cameron Hall, Courtney Hume, Ena Moon, Barbara Nixon, Sepha Treble. Production by Mary Adams and Desmond Davis
22.30 Film 
The Plow that Broke the Plains. Written and directed by Pare Lorentz. Music by Virgil Thomson
23.00-23.20 News Bulletin
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