13 January 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times January 6, 1939.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
15.00 Henry Hall And His Orchestra 
with Molly Morrelle, Leslie Douglas, and Bob Mallin
15.30-16.00 'O Mistress Mine' 
An anthology of love scenes, edited by Barbara Nixon. With John Abbott, Brenda Bennett, Alec Clunes, Wilfred Fletcher, Thea Holme, Nadine March, Barbara Nixon, Gerald Nodin, Elaine Wodson. Production by Desmond Davis
21.00 Doorlay's Christmas Rocket 
By permission of Sir Oswald Stoll, the first act of Doorlay's Christmas Rocket, with Ruth Hasse, Gold and Cordell, Johnny Riscoe, Julita and her Spanish Dancers, Olding's Crazy Gang, Carter, The Mazzoni's Trio, The Five Olympic Rings, Arthur Pond and Company, The Lily Aven Trio, The Yu-Nan-Chen Company, Schamil's Russian Company, Doorlay's Eighteen Midget Ponies, Popows Cossack Choir, and the Twenty-four Betty Hobbs Girls, will be televised direct from the London Coliseum
22.05 News Film 
British Movietonews
22.15 Darts Match 
A BBC Four meets a team from the Press Club. Commentary by Charles Garner
22.30-22.50 News Bulletin
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