13 December 1937

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times December 10, 1937.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
15.00 Ronald Frankau
15.10 News Film 
British Movietonews
15.20-16.00 'Le Lac des Cygnes' 
The Vic-Wells Ballet Company (by permission of the Old Vic) in Act 2. Music by Tchaikovsky. Choreography by Marius Petipa. Produced by Sergueef. Costumes designed by Hugh Stevenson. Decor by Peter Bax. Odette (The Swan Queen)- Margot Fonteyn. The Prince Siegfried- Robert Helpmann. Benno- William Chappell. Huntsmen- Richard Ellis, Leslie Edwards, Michael Somes, Paul Reymond. Cygnets- Molly Brown, Laurel Maryn, Jill Gregory, Julia Farron. Two Swans- Pamela May, June Brae. Swans- Joy Newton, Gwyneth Mathews, Anne Spicer, Wenda Horsburgh, Guinevere Parry, Elizabeth Kennedy. With the BBC Television Orchestra, leader Boris Pecker, conductor, Hyam Greenbaum. Presentation by D. H. Munro
21.00 Intimate Cabaret 
with Afrique, in Impressions, and Reine Paulet, in Songs. Presentation by Harry Pringle
21.10 News Film 
Gaumont-British News
21.20-22.00 The Vic-Wells Ballet Company 
(Details as 15.20)
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