12 May 1980

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Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears (Radio Times 10-16 May 1980)

06.40-7.55 Open University 
(UHF only)
09.52 For Schools, Colleges
  • 09.52 Europe from the Air
  • 10.15-10.35 Music Time
  • 11.00 Merry-Go-Round
11.25 You and Me
11.40-11.55 For Schools, Colleges- Encounter Italy
12.45 Midday News
13.00 Pebble Mill at One
13.45 Over the Moon 
with Sam Dale
14.01-15.00 For Schools, Colleges
  • 14.01 Words and Pictures
  • 14.18 Out of the Past
  • 14.40 Going to Work
15.15 Songs of Praise
15.53 Regional News 
(exc London)
15.55 Play School 
with Chloe Ashcroft and Ben Bazell
16.20 Cheggers Plays Pop 
with guests Bad Manners, Smokie and The New Seekers
17.00 John Craven's Newsround
17.05 Blue Peter 
with Simon Groom, Christopher Wenner and Tina Heath
17.35 Captain Pugwash
17.40 Evening News 
with Richard Baker
17.55 Nationwide 
Look East, Look North, Look North West, Midlands Today, Points West, South Today, Spotlight South West, Reporting Scotland, Wales Today, Scene Around Six present news and views in your region. Then at 6.20 Frank Bough, Sue Lawley, Hugh Scully, John Stapleton and Bob Wellings bring you Britain's most watched current affairs programme.
18.55 Ask the Family 
The Marsh family from Glasgow challenges the Ward family from Berkhamsted
19.20 The Dukes of Hazzard
20.10 Panorama
21.00 Nine O'Clock News 
with Christopher Morris
21.25 The Monday Film- Catch 22
23.25 Bellamy's Europe
23.55-00.00 News Headlines; Weatherman

BBC Scotland

as above except

12.40-12.45 Scottish News

BBC Wales

as above except

13.45-14.00 Pili Pala
18.55-19.20 Heddiw


Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears (Radio Times 10-16 May 1980)

06.40-07.55 Open University
11.00-11.25 Play School
16.50 Open University
18.55 Six English Towns 
A Pattern of Building, written and presented by Alex Clifton-Taylor. This week: Chichester, Sussex
19.25 Mid-Evening News
19.35 Around with Alliss
20.05 Bird Spot 
with Tony Soper. This week, the crow family
20.15 The Waltons
21.00 Not the Nine O'Clock News 
The Death Lasers of Kzaarn: huge evil squids threaten to destroy the universe, but the Doctor is trapped in the same concrete corridor as last week...
21.25 Brass Tacks 
Cruise Missile - Not for Public Debate
22.10 International Dressage
22.45 Newsnight 
Peter Snow, Peter Hobday, John Tusa and Charles Wheeler report and analyse the events of the day. Weather and sport from Fran Morrison and David Davies
23.30 Russian - Language and People
23.55-00.05 Closedown 
Rosalind Shanks reads In a Convent Garden
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