12 March 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times March 10, 1939.

15.00 'Television Surveys' 
No. 6. Life on the Canals. At Clitheroe's Lock on the Grand Union Canal, Mr. A. P. Herbert, M.P., examines the canal boats, and discusses with their crews family life afloat on these picturesque craft
15.20 Film 
Spring comes to Town
15.30 John Carr presents The Jacquard Puppets 
in The Frog Prince
15.45 Cartoon Film 
Monkey Melodies
15.50-16.00 Otto Fassel 
(tenor) in songs in costume
19.55 National Programme 
(sound only)
21.05-22.45 'Goodness How Sad!' 
by Robert Morley. Tyrone Guthrie's production from the Vaudeville Theatre (by arrangement with Peter Bull). With Hugh Sinclair, Jill Furse, Mary Merrall, Arthur Hambling, Kathleen Boutall, Judith Furse, and Frith Banbury. Television presentation by Lanham Titchener
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