11 March 1966

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Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears (Radio Times South and West Edition 5-11 March 1966)

09.10-11.55 For Schools and Colleges
  • 09.10 Engineering Science
  • 09.38 Middle School Mathematics
  • 10.00-10.20 Television Club
  • 11.05-11.25 Spotlight
  • 11.35-11.55 Exploring Your World
13.00 Heddiw 
Topical items in Welsh (Crystal Palace, Wenvoe West, Holme Moss, Sutton Coldfield only)
13.25 The News
13.30-13.45 Watch with Mother- The Flowerpot Men
14.05-14.25 For Schools and Colleges- Merry-Go-Round
Tom, Pat and Friday
16.45 Jackanory 
A Duel at Sea
17.00 Crackerjack 
introduced by Leslie Crowther, with Peter Glaze, Valerie Walsh, Jillian Comber. Guests The Barron Knights and Tom Jones.
17.45 Junior Points of View 
with Sarah Ward
17.55 The News
18.05 Regional news magazines
18.29 The Weather
18.30 Film Preview 
with Philip Jenkinson
19.00 The Newcomers 
The story of a London family adapting to life in a country town.
19.30 The Lance Percival Show
20.00 Bewitched
20.25 Dr Kildare 
Behold the Great Man
20.50 The News
21.05 Dr Kildare 
A Life for a Life
21.25 Tito Gobbi introduces Great Characters in Opera
Mozart's Don Giovanni
22.10 24 Hours 
Introduced by Cliff Michelmore
22.45 Choice 
Derek Hart tests and compares the goods you may want to buy - with names, prices and Best Buys with the co-operation of Which? magazine.
23.00 The Sky at Night 
Man on the Moon? The recent successful landing of the Russian space probe Luna-9 on the moon has brought nearer the possibility of a manned landing.
23.20 The Weather

BBC Wales

as above except

10.23-10.43 Geography and the Welsh Economy
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