10 March 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times March 3, 1939.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
15.00 'Bath H. And C.' 
Richard Hearne (by courtesy of Firth Shephard), with Lily Palmer and George Nelson. Presentation by Reginald Smith
15.15 News Film 
Gaumont-British News
15.25 Music Makers 
Daisy Guth (pianoforte)
15.35 Cartoon Film 
The Grasshopper and the Ant
15.40-16.00 'Condemned To Be Shot' 
a play in the first person by R. E. J. Brooke. With Reginald Brooke, Zoe Davies, Olga Edwardes, Wilfred Fletcher, Neil Porter, Hilary Pritchard, and Ben Soutten. Production by Jan Bussell
19.50 Regional Programme 
(sound only)
21.00 Western Cabaret 
No. 2 (Details, Wednesday, 15.00)
21.50 Sports Film 
Under Water
22.00 Animal First Aid 
A Veterinary Surgeon demonstrates how to treat a sick or injured dog
22.10 News Film 
British Movietonews
22.20 Vanity Fair 
Spring Hats described by Bettie Cameron Smail. The display will be prefaced with a demonstration by Erik, who will show his methods of hat designing. Presentation by Andrew Miller Jones
22.35-22.55 News Bulletin
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