09 October 1937

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times October 1, 1937.

11.00-12.00 Demonstration Film
14.25 Road Race 
for the Imperial Trophy. The first international Road Race in London (by courtesy of the Road Racing Club), on the Crystal Palace Road Racing Circuit (conditions permitting)
14.55 Cartoon Film 
La Joie de Vivre
15.00 In Our Garden 
C. H. Middleton gives some practical advice from the garden in Alexandra Park
15.15 Road Race 
(See 14.25)
15.31 First Time Here 
(Details as Tuesday, 21.15)
15.46 Road Race 
(See 14.25)
16.05 Punch And Judy 
P. F. Tickner
16.15-17.00 Road Race 
(See 14.25)
21.00 Variety 
with Charles Harrison, George Mackenzie, The Dehl Trio. Presentation by Reginald Smith
21.20 News Film 
British Movietonews
21.30-22.00 A Ballet and A Play 
(Details as Thursday, 15.30)
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