07 August 1981

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ITV - Thames/LWT

Source: TV Times 25-31 July 1981 (Thames/LWT)

09.30 Larry the Lamb 
"The Mayor's Sea Voyage"
09.40 The Story of Wine 
"The Great Aperitifs" - Narrator Baron Philippe de Rothschild covers the history of champagne and sherry.
10.10 The Bubblies 
"Paper Bird" - Adventures in Bubbledon. Paper Bird cannot fly when there is too much litter.
10.15 Nature of Things 
"Converging Lines - A People, a Land, a Book: Judaism" - Filmed in Israel and Canada, this programme attempts to explain Judaism. The faith is one whose believers have been persecuted throughout the history of mankind. The film explores the tradition, ceremony and learning which dictates the attitudes and codes by which believers have existed, and continue to exist.
11.05 The Ante Room 
Novel by Kate O'Brien, adapted by Tony Hickey. Two deaths come as a resolution and a climax - one expected, the other 'an accident' - in the final episode of this drama about provincial life in late Victorian Ireland.
12.00 A Handful of Songs 
Maria Morgan, Keith Field. Keith and Maria show more of your paintings and sing some songs. This week's songs are: Lavendar Blue, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Horsey Horsey, Teddy Bears' Picnic, Jack and Jill and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
12.10 Once Upon a Time 
Peter Davison tells the story of The North Wind and the Sun, illustrated by Valerie Pye.
12.30 One in a Hundred 
Third of seven programmes on the mentally handicapped. This week, a look at the range of suitable schools available for children. Mary Warnock, who chaired the Committee of Enquiry into the Education of Handicapped Children and Young People, answers questions from Derek Cooper about the issues and legislation arising out of the Warnock Report.
13.00 News at One 
Latest international news presented by Carol Barnes plus Financial Times share index and weather outlook.
13.20 Thames News 
Robin Houston with the latest Thames area news.
13.30 Emmerdale Farm 
Adjusting to a broken marriage is never easy, as Pat Merrick discovers.
14.00 Houseparty 
Join the Houseparty for lively discussion and household hints.
14.25 Friday Matinee 
Jane Fonda, David Warner, Trevor Howard, Delphine Seyrig, Edward Fox in "A Doll's House" - Nora leaves her native village to live in a larger town as the wife of a promising young lawyer Torvald Helmer. When Torvald falls seriously ill, family friend Dr. Rank prescribes a year in Italy for Torvald's health. As a result, Nora resorts to borrowing money from Nils Krogstad, the ex-fiance of her childhood friend Kristine, forging her father's signature on the documents.
16.15 Foghorn Leghorn 
"Leghorn Swaggled" - Foghorn brings about his own downfall by helping Henery Hawk.
16.20 Storybook International 
"The Soldier Who Did Not Wash" - Continuing this series of stories from around the world, brought to life by a narrator and actors. This week's story comes from Russia. A bargain with the devil leads a forlorn soldier not to wash for 15 years. He grows rich. The king, short of money, asks him for help. Narrator is Clarie Nielson.
16.45 Freetime 
More good ideas for the school holidays, presented by Mick Robertson. Join five Dorset boys on a camping adventure. They prove it's possible to make a cheap fishing rod that really works, and show how to brew delicious ginger beer. Also this week, holiday hints for those going abroad and a game called Snails.
17.15 Sale of the Century 
Nicholas Parsons, Carole Ashby, Karen Loughlin. Quick reactions could take the winning contestant to a jackpot situation and the chance to win the family car or go for the Sale of the Century. The target figure is 140 pounds and the big question is will contestants play safe or take a gamble? Nicholas Parsons is on hand to fire a battery of questions worth 3 pounds and 5 pounds, and if the target figure is reached then four out of five general knowledge questions must be answered correctly before the winner can drive the car away. Carole and Karen display the prizes and John Benson provides the commentary. Music is by Peter Fenn, and the questions are compiled by David Self.
17.45 News at 5.45
18.00 Thames News
18.30 Thames Sport 
Derek Thompson and Susan King join forces with John McCririck to reflect the capital's sporting scene - the best of the action, up-to-the-minute news and interviews and top personalities.
19.00 Winner Takes All 
Jimmy Tarbuck hosts this general knowledge quiz with a gambling flavour and question master Geoffrey Wheeler calls the odds. Bringing the contestants to the starting line are hostesses Jan Michelle and Tina Robinson. Will one of tonight's four challengers pip the existing champion at the post? Questions are set by Deborah Sutherland and verified by Ward Lock Books. Additional material is by Wally Malston.
19.30 Return of the Saint 
Ian Ogilvy in "The Obono Affair" by Michael Pertwee, with Jack Hedley. A visiting African President turns to Simon Templar for help.
20.30 That Beryl Marston ...! 
by Jan Butlin. Julia McKenzie, Gareth Hunt in "Rondo". The well-known sex goddess of Sussex, Beryl Marston, certainly upset Georgie and Gerry's relationship. And tragedy hits Harvey when his friend goes off with another man.
21.00 Ladykillers 
Gayle Hunnicutt, Christopher Villiers, Margaret Tyzack in "The Darlingest Boy", by Michael Baker, with Terence Hardiman, Noel Johnson, Charles Kay. Robert Morley introduces the fifth in an anthology of plays about men and women charged with murder. The Thompson and Bywaters case has caused endless controversy - but did the lovers really deserve to hang?
22.00 News at Ten 
22.30 Police 5 
Help Shaw Taylor and New Scotland Yard in the fight against crime.
22.40 End of Part One 
by Andrew Marshall, David Renwick - with Denise Coffey, Sue Holderness, Tony Aitken, Fred Harris, David Simeon, Dudley Stevens. The fifth of seven off-beat comedy programmes.
23.10 The Shattered Dream - Employment in the Eighties 
"Picking Up the Pieces" - In the third of the series on unemployment, the possibilities for tackling unemployment through self-employment are featured. What are your chances if you want to create your own job by becoming your own boss? Can small business help to revive jobs in Britain? Narrator is Richard Griffiths.
00.10 George Hamilton IV 
Country and western sounds from George and his guests.
00.40 Close 
"Sit Up & Listen" with Wilfred Josephs.
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