06 August 1981

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ITV - Thames/LWT

Source: TV Times 01-07 August 1981 (Thames/LWT)

09.30 Larry the Lamb 
"The Showing Up of Larry the Lamb"
09.40 Cities 
"Stockholm" - Tour 'the organised city' with Swedish actress Mai Zetterling.
10.30 The Outsiders 
"Roustabouts" - Finding work at a sheep station brings trouble for Charlie (Andrew Keir).
11.20 A Big Country 
"The Kookaburra File" - In 1929, Lt Keith Anderson died in the desert of Central Australia, while searching for his old friend and colleague Charles Kingford Smith.
11.50 Barney Google and Snuffy Smith 
"Snuffy Runs the Gamut"
12.00 The Ark Stories 
by John Ryan, "Crockle Adrift" - Another story in this series about animals of Noah's Ark, presented and illustrated by John Ryan. This week, Crockle the baby crocodile wanders off. Animal voices are by Percy Edwards.
12.10 Stepping Stones 
"Hands and Faces" - Vicky Ireland, helped by puppet Stiggy, presents education and entertainment for young viewers. The story, Flat Sandy, is by Raymond Mutimer.
12.30 The Sullivans 
The sinking of HMAS Vampire brings grief to the residents of Melbourne.
13.00 News at One
13.20 Thames News
13.30 Emmerdale Farm 
Tom Merrick claims to have learned his lesson at the court hearing, but Annie Sugden isn't taken in.
14.00 Here Today 
Marjorie Lofthouse and Richard Wyatt present this popular magazine for women. Guests today include Thelwell, the master cartoonist, and Tony Stoppani, the programme's resident chef. The team also discusses the problems of law and order with John Alderson, Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall.
14.25 The Bushbaby 
Margaret Brooks, Donald Houston. In this adventure story of modern Africa, the heroine is a 14-year-old girl who 'adopts' a bushbaby.
16.15 Foghorn Leghorn 
"Egg-cited Rooster" - Cartoon adventures with the bird who makes feathers fly. When his hen-pecking wife goes out with the 'girls', Foghorn is left to look after the nest. But he soon lands himself in trouble.
16.20 Survival 
Richard Briers, "The Best of Both Worlds", by Malcolm Penny. The frogs and toads of Britain, once a common sight in spring and summer, are now becoming scarce. This is partly due to the effects of the agricultural revolution - machine-dry ditches and excessive pesticide use - and partly because too many children have collected amphibian eggs for school aquaria and nature study lessons. In the course of following the life-history of these fascinating animals, Survival discovers that they have an unexpected and rapidly increasing sanctuary, among the goldfish and lily pads of garden ponds. Narrated by Richard Briers and filmed by Gerald Thompson, John Paling and John Cooke of Oxford Scientific Films.
16.50 Sierra 
"Tails, You Lose" - The rangers race against death to free a trapped diver, and there's another emergency with Cruncher the bear, who has managed to get a tyre stuck around him.
17.45 News at 5.45
18.00 Thames News
18.25 Help!
18.35 Windom's Way 
Peter Finch, Mary Ure, Michael Hordern. Pride and joy of Dr. Alec Windom, voluntary exile on a Far Eastern island, is Selim Hospital. He asks nothing more from life than to look after it. But the island seethes with unrest. His estranged wife Lee arrives seeking reconciliation as the unrest explodes into violence. Windom becomes a mediator between Government forces and the natives but is cynically double-crossed when settlement seems near.
20.30 Rule Britannia 
"Pictures of a People Like Us" - Sing a Song of Sixpence: Third of six programmes, written and presented by James Bellini, which seek to uncover the underlying attitudes that have made the nation what it is.
21.00 Spearhead - In Hong Kong 
"Have a Happy Day" by James Ormerod. Second of a six-part drama series about the men of Six Platoon. After roughing it on the border chasing illegal immigrants from China, happiness for a soldier is a 'bath, booze and a bird'.
22.00 News at Ten 
followed by

Thames News Headline

22.30 Secrets of Midland Heights 
"The Race" - Drama in the American college community of Midland Heights. The annual stock car race comes to town, bringing an ex-citizen intent on winning, and a woman intent on winning him.
23.30 Christians Under Fire 
How is Christianity relevant to Britain in 1981? There is tremendous conflict amongst Christians on many of the major issues in our society and each week Dick Taverne chairs a debate between people with radically different views on Christian attitudes. Tonight, the debate is on the Christian attitude to violence. Can the use of force ever be justified, and if so when? Leading protagonists in the debate are Bishop Colin Winter and Rear-Admiral Edward Gueritz.
00.00 What the Papers Say 
A journalist looks at what the papers have been saying this week.
00.15 Close 
With Wilfred Josephs.
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