05 March 1939

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BBC Television

Source: Radio Times March 3, 1939.

15.00 Ballet 
The Selfish Giant. Choreography by Joy Newton. Based on the story by Oscar Wilde. Music by Eric Coates. With Richard Ellis, Julia Farron, Wenda Horsburgh, Anne Spicer, Joan Leaman, Palma Nye, Margaret Dale, June Vincent, and Bernard Carter (all by permission of the Vic-Wells Management)
15.15 Film 
Geological Work of Ice
15.25 Cartoons 
by Patrick Bellew
15.35 News Film 
British Movietonews
15.45-16.00 Ballet 
Strauss Tonze(sp?). Choreography by Joy Newton. With Pamela May, Michael Somes, Wenda Horsburgh, Anne Spicer, Joan Leaman, and Palma Nye (all by permission of the Vic-Wells Management). The BBC Television Orchestra, leader, Boris Pecker, conductor Hyam Greenbaum. Presentation of both ballets by Elizabeth Cowell
19.55 National Programme 
(sound only)
21.05-22.40 'Little Ladyship' 
Lilli Palmer and Cecil Parker in a comedy by Ian Hay, from the Hungarian of Bekeffi and Stella. Gardner Davies' production from the Strand Theatre. With Joan White, Elliot Mason, Renee Kelly, Aubrey Mather, Archibald Batty, Ernest Jay, David Tree, Iris Vandeleur, Norma Varden, Sam Lysons, George Desmond, Eve Dickson, and Beatrix Fielden-Kaye. Pupils at Tadworthy House School—Joan Ellum, Phyllis Allan, Dorothea Rodwell, Elspeth Cochranem, Diana King, Diana Barton, Joan Greenwood, Freda Bamford, and Hilda Palmer. Television presentation by Lanham Titchener
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