04 December 1961

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Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears (Radio Times 2-8 December 1961)

13.00 Newyddion- Heddiw 
News followed by a topical magazine (Wenvoe, Blaenplwyf, Llandrindod Wells, Holme Moss, Sutton Coldfield only)
13.25 The News
13.30 Table Talk 
A meeting for people with opinions
14.00-14.15 Watch with Mother- Picture Book
17.00 Blue Peter 
with Christopher Trace and Leila Williams
17.20 Whirlybirds
17.45 Seeing Stars 
with Patrick Moore
18.00 The News
18.09 Regional news magazines 
(London and South East: Town and Around)
18.25 Winston Churchill- The Valiant Years
18.50 Tonight 
Look around with Cliff Michelmore, with Derek Hart, Alan Whicker, Fyfe Robertson, Trevor Philpott, Macdonald Hastings, Robin Hall, Jimmie Macgregor
19.29 Headline News
19.30 Citizen James 
starring Sidney James
19.55 This is Your Life 
says Eamonn Andrews to ?
20.30 Panorama 
The Window on the World Introduced by Richard Dimbleby
21.15 The News
21.25 Maigret 
A crime series from the novels of Georges Simenon, starring Rupert Davies as Inspector Maigret
22.15 Come Dancing 
introduced by Peter West
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