04 August 1981

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ITV - Thames/LWT

Source: TV Times 01-07 August 1981 (Thames/LWT)

09.30 Larry the Lamb 
"A Portrait of the Mayor"
09.40 Who's Afraid of Opera? 
"Lucia di Lammermoor" - An introduction to opera with Joan Sutherland and her puppet friends. Music for today's opera, sung in Italian, is by the London Symphony Orchestra.
10.00 Hands 
"Basket Maker" - The weaving of fine baskets in Carrick-on-Sur began in 1888 with John Shanahan, whose grandchildren continue the craft today.
10.35 Dick Tracy Cartoon 
"Jewel Fool"
10.40 Little House on the Prairie 
"To Live with Fear, Part 1" - Charles and Caroline Ingalls are shocked when they learn that their daughter, Mary, is suffering from a serious illness and will die unless she undergoes expensive surgery.
11.30 Freetime 
Mick Roberton - Another chance to see Mick with the youngsters in Cardiff's play scheme, and with some model train and racing car enthusiasts. Plus, all the regular features.
12.00 Paperplay 
Susan Stranks, "Houseboats and Bridges 1". Puppet spider pals Itsy and Bitsy help Sue make a houseboat. Itsy and Bitsy by Norman Beardsley.
12.10 Pipkins 
"Keep Out" - The popular children's programme with Hartley Hare and friends.
12.30 Home and Design 
Peter Lewis, Diana Wallis, Mary Gilliatt, "Improvisation". More home ideas with the team of regular presenters and their guests. Designers Sarah Bungey and Diana Phipps join writer Nathan Silver in discussing ways of improvising in the home.
13.00 News at One
13.20 Thames News
13.30 About Britain 
Richard Wyatt, "Balloon City". Bristol is the home of one of the world's top balloon manufacturers and on an autumn weekend last year 40 top balloonists gathered for a fiesta.
14.00 After Noon Plus - A Summer Season 
2.0 "Adapting to Fashion", Betty Foster. Betty continues her series on dressmaking, concentrating this week on jackets. - 2.20 "Daly Beauty", Barbara Daly. The fourth programme in this six-part series on how to be more beautiful by make-up artist Barbara Daly. Today she answers viewers' questions and, with actress Angharad Rees, demonstrates a beauty routine and make-up for a woman in her 30s.
14.45 Sounding Brass 
Brian Glover in "H G and the Takeover Bid", by Don Shaw. Sponsorship could provide much needed funds for H G Bestwick's Ettaswell Band. Of course, the standard of the band would have to be improved - and that could mean starting at the top by replacing H G as conductor. Featured are Ilkeston Brass, music director Alan Tyler.
15.45 Cabbages and Kings 
Alan Coren, Richard Ingrams, Harry Whewell, Bill Tidy, Robin Ray. A light-hearted literary quiz in which chairman Robin Ray asks two teams of celebrities: "Who said what, where and when?"
16.15 Speedy Gonzales 
"Canary Row" - A bird in the hand is worth two mice in the bush to Sylvester Cat, prominent member of the Society of Bird Watchers.
16.20 Razzmatazz 
Alastair Pirrie, Lyn Spencer. This week's Razzmatazz features special guest Kirsty MacColl singing about her chip shop Elvis, mad chef Peter Collins demonstrating things not to do in the kitchen, and Darts with their new single "Jump Children Jump." There's more fun with the Popscotch game which this week features a 'mystery' square and there's a chance to meet Britain's top yo-yo expert.
16.45 Heavens Above 
On a clear night 3000 stars are visible. Astronomers Heather Couper and Terence Murtagh show how much more can be seen through telescopes and binoculars, including a visit to the Royal Greenwich Observatory to see the massive Isaac Newton telescope.
17.15 Diff'rent Strokes 
"Birds and Bees" - Willis' fishy version of the facts of life leaves Arnold with misconceptions about conception. Then Arnold repeats his 'knowledge' to a neighbour's daughter and the girl's mother is far from amused.
17.45 News at 5.45
18.00 Thames News
18.25 Help! 
Social projects, community action and calls for aid and assistance presented by Viv Taylor Gee.
18.35 Crossroads 
Barbara Hunter has an unexpected but welcome visitor. Meg Mortimer is severely shaken by some news.
19.00 Years of Lightning 
"1967, Crucible of Resistance" - Continuing this series which spotlights six of the most exciting and eventful years between 1945 and 1970.
19.30 The Jim Davidson Show 
with Norman Bird, Julie Dawn Cole, Sara Corper, Valerie Minifire, Jan Todd the Dooleys. The theme of Jim Davidson's comedy show tonight is money.
20.00 George and Mildred 
by Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke. Yootha Joyce, Brian Murphy in "Fishy Business" - Tragedy strikes when Mildred flushes George's goldfish down the drain.
20.30 You're Only Young Twice 
by Pam Valentine, Michael Ashton. Peggy Mount, Pat Coombs, Larry Bowers, Diana King, Charmian May in "Thanks for the Memory". It started as a perfectly normal day, Cissie in confusion and Flora in a rage. A trip to town, however, made all the difference to Flora.
21.00 The Spoils of War 
"A New Era", by Harry Kershaw. Mark Warrington, working for Sir Richard, finds confidential plans that threaten Keir and Martha - should he tell them? And when Herta Brandt writes from hospital in Germany, why do her letters never reach Blake?
22.00 News at Ten 
followed by

Thames News Headlines

22.30 The Band of the Year 1981 
Highlights from the contest held at Belle Vue, Manchester, to find the finest brass band in the country. Ten bands were each asked to play a programme of their own choice. Presenter Brian Trueman introduces the programme and the 10 bands taking part.
23.30 The Questors 
"Rust to Rust" - Fourth of six documentaries looking at the work of scientists who dedicate their lives to seeking answers. The exhaust pipe falls off a car, there's a radiator leak, a garden gate won't open - these are just some of the effects of corrosion. Corrosion can also bring down an airliner, sink an oil rig or cause a chemical plant to explode. And every year it costs the U.K. 4000 million pounds. At the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology - UMIST scientists are inventing techniques to prevent this.
00.00 Three's Company 
"Jack in the Flower Shop" - Jack takes a part-time job in a florist's which Janet manages.
00.25 Close 
with Wilfred Josephs.

followed by Closedown

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