03 August 1981

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ITV - Thames/LWT

Source: TV Times 01-07 August 1981 (Thames/LWT)

09.30 Larry the Lamb 
"The Great Toytown War" - Fun with Larry and his friends in Toytown.
09.40 The Search for the Persian Royal Road
"Nearing the Homeland" - The expedition traces the Royal Road eastward from Susa, tracking the living traces of the ancient Persians which have survived in modern Iranian culture. It also highlights the work of American and British archaeologists.
10.30 Animated Classics 
"Off on a Comet" by Jules Verne. A French army officer and his orderly suddenly find themselves adrift in space on a comet.
11.15 Rocket Robin Hood 
"Space Wolf" - Cartoon adventures with space-age Robin and his merry men.
11.35 Razzmatazz 
Alastair Pirrie, Lyn Spencer, Linda Nolan, Chas and Dave, Suzi Quatro. Find out about electronic T-shirts, meet Linda Nolan, and learn disco-dancing. Today's guests are Chas and Dave, and Suzi Quatro. Plus, all the regular Razzmatazz features with presenters Alastair and Lyn.
12.00 Chorlton and the Wheelies 
"Take Your Partners" - As usual, wicked witch Fenella tries to spoil the Wheelies' happiness. Jo Kemp's story is told by Joe Lynch.
12.10 Rainbow 
Geoffrey Hayes, Stanley Bates, Jane Tucker, Rod Burton, Roger Walker, Roy Skelton, guest Anne Ridler. "Safety - In the Home" - Geoffrey tells Bungle, Zippy and George how to avoid accidents in the home. Rod, Jane and Roger sing about the dangers of leaving toys lying around. Guest Anne Ridler tells the story "Basil and Boris", written and illustrated by Ron and Attie Van de Meer.
12.30 Me and My Camera 
Joe Partridge, George Hughes. The second of 10 programmes in a series designed to help you understand your camera and take better photographs. Most people who own a camera take pictures of their family. But the results are not always up to expectations. Joe Partridge and George Hughes discuss with Lord Lichfield, the Official Photographer for the Royal Wedding, some of the photographs he has taken. He also gives some tips to help you take better pictures.
13.00 News at One 
Carol Barnes reports on what's news in the world today. Plus weather forecast and Financial Times share index.
13.20 Thames News 
With Robin Houston.
13.30 The Spinners... 
"and Sport" - The second in this six-part series featuring folk group The Spinners who choose a different subject in each programme and sing songs to match their theme. Today it is the world of sport - football, running, hunting, sailing and even marbles. They visit the Lake District to play a cricket match and sail into big trouble when they go messing about on the river.
14.00 The Riordans 
Life in the Irish village of Leestown with the Riordan family and friends.
14.30 Monday Matinee 
Walter Chiari, Jack Albertson, Dave Allen in "Squeeze a Flower". A modern comedy about an Itlian monk, Brother George, who puts the commercial interests of his monastery on an almost equal par with his devotion to the Lord.
16.15 Bugs Bunny 
"Hillbilly Hare" - Bug Bunny seeks peace and quiet in the Ozark Mountains, but instead, he finds danger, excitement - and of course, fun.
16.20 Runaround 
Mike Reid. In today's high-flying show there's a look at kites - and how to make them. Presenter Mike Reid also introduces a potter, and the group The Shakin' Pyramids.
16.45 Into the Labyrinth 
Ron Moody, Pamela Salem in "The Calling", by Bob Baker. Armed with new magical powers the witch, Belor, rises again from timeless primeval swamps to torment Rothgo. The old wizard calls on Terry, Helen and Phil for help to save him from destruction in the land of the Nibelungs.
17.15 History of the Motor Car 
"The Years of Plenty" - In the Sixties and Seventies the car became a sign of Europe's growing affluence and a symbol of the new prosperity. It was also the period when the Japanese motor industry grew; manufacturers and motorists became more safety conscious; and the energy crisis rocketed the price of fuel. This is the last of the series.
17.45 News at 5.45 
ITN's cameramen and reporters bring you news from around the world.
18.00 Thames News 
Colin Baker and Rita Carter bring you the Thames area news.
18.35 Crossroads 
Kath Brownlow receives an exciting phone call. Kevin Banks breaks bad news about his wife Glenda.
19.00 The Krypton Factor 
Television's toughest quiz continues the search for the superperson of 1981. Presenter Gordon Burns leads four contestants in tonight's all-male line-up through exacting trials of brawn and brain.
19.30 Coronation Street 
An attractive woman customer with a flashy car seems to be very interested in Brian Tilsley. Who's coming to dinner with Len and Rita Fairclough?
20.00 A Sharp Intake of Breath 
David Jason, Richard Wilson, Jacqueline Clarke in "The Spare Part", by Ronnie Taylor. Another showing of three comedy programmes in which persistent Peter Barnes wages a one-man war against bureaucracy. This week when his wife Sheila's washing machine breaks down, Peter has trouble getting it mended. Then he finds a Scottish supplier with the necessary spare parts. But his headaches are only just beginning.
20.30 World in Action 
Another in-depth report from the award-winning team.
21.00 Quincy 
Jack Klugman in "Main Man" - When a college football star dies, an autopsy reveals congenital brain impairment. Pathologist Quincy suspects the victim's younger brother, Steve Daniels, has the same ailment. But his plea that Steve shouldn't play in a high school championship game falls on deaf ears.
22.00 News at Ten 
followed by Thames News Headlines.
22.30 Hammer House of Horror 
Ray Lonnen, Rosalyn Landor in "Guardian of the Abyss", with John Carson, Paul Darrow. For centuries, evil men and woman have tried to raise the arch demon Choronzon, Guardian of the Abyss. Many have died in the attempt. Others have lost their reason - then a chance purchase by antiques dealer Michael Roberts brings him into terrifying contact with the Unknown.
23.30 Great Fights of the Seventies 
Ali v. Spinks. Leon Spinks has been heavyweight champion of the world for six months, but had to prove his initial victory over Muhammad Ali had not been a fluke. For Ali, this second contest was a chance to prove he was still 'the greatest', and in September 1978 more than 60,000 people at the Superdome in New Orleans witnessed the fight.
00.25 Close 
"Sit Up and Listen" with Wilfred Josephs. Tonight and all week he reads letters written by famous composers.

followed by Closedown

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