02 August 1981

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ITV - Thames/LWT

Source: TV Times 01-07 August 1981 (Thames/LWT)

09.05 A Better Read
Presenter Tom Coyne talks to Brian Glanville on the subject of sporting books, and we also meet guest authors Peter Lovesey and Patrick Murphy.
09.30 Helping Hand 
"A Happier Old Age" - There are some four million disabled people in Britain. How can they be helped to lead easier lives? This series, aimed at those who are not handicapped, answers that question. The presenters are Joe Hennessy and Pattie Coldwell.
10.10 Morning Worship 
Canon Eric Saxon conducts this service from St Ann's Church, Manchester. Organist and choirmaster is Derrick Tantrell.
11.00 Link 
Rosalie Wilkins, Alan Tyne. With the growth in air travel, airlines and airports are having to meet the needs of an increased number of passengers with disabilities. This week "Link" examines how they cope. Taking part are Dr Jim Dunlop, Senior Medical Officer with British Airways, and Peter Large, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Mobility for the Disabled. Also Alison Cooper and John Murray with more about benefits.
11.30 Save It! 
Exploring the economies of heating, presenter Mike Smith talks to Alan Rudden of the North Eastern Gas Board, and David Simpson investigates solar heating.
12.00 Face the Press 
First of a six-part series chaired by Anthony Howard in which a panel of top journalists quizzes statesmen of the day. This week's guest is Malcolm Fraser, Prime Minister of Australia.
12.30 Chopper Squad 
"The Other Man's Grass" - The rescue squad goes to the aid of an old man on a schooner, and also encounters an old friend of Jebbie's.
13.30 Twentieth Century Box 
Over the past five years, changes in the music business have created a new breed of record producers. Today the rise of record producers is traced, from Lieber and Stoller, Phil Spector and George Martin to two of the most successful producers working in England today - Martin Rushent and Nigel Grey. Presenter is Danny Baker.
14.00 Under Manning 
Bernard Manning meets unusual people with unusual occupations, and chooses some of them to take part in a comedy quiz. This week Manning meets a woman who is too hot to handle, a man who makes funny bikes, a champion nudist, a lady wrestler, a female morris dancer and a Welsh poet. Questionmaster Charles Collingwood.
14.30 Cartoon Time
14.45 Sunday Matinee 
Stephen Boyd, Tony Wright in "Seven Thunders". Two British soldiers, Dave and Jim, escape from an Italian P-o-W camp, and are smuggled into Nazi-occupied Marseilles. Here they are looked after by Lise, a waif-like orphan who instals herself as cook, and soon falls in love with Dave. Still, the problem is: how to get back to England, especially when a search of the old quarter in which they are hiding is ordered by German HQ (not in colour).
16.35 University Challenge 
Another round of the high-speed quiz game between universities chaired by Bamber Gascoigne.
17.05 The Muppet Show 
Kermit the Frog and his Muppet pals present more comedy and music for all the family. Their guest this week is American film star Sylvester Stallone.
17.35 Moses - the Lawgiver 
by Anthony Burgess, Vittorio Bonicelli, Gianfranco de Bosio. With Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quayle, Ingrid Thulin. In the third episode of this six-part Biblical drama, plague, pestilence and famine strike Egypt - God's punishment for Pharaoh Mernefta's refusal to free the Israelites. The Pharaoh continues to resist Moses' plea until the tenth plague forces him to agree. The exodus begins.
18.35 ITN News 
18.40 My Way 
Third of six programmes in which presenter Colin Morris talks to people of different backgrounds and occupations. They reveal how their faith affects their daily lives. This week, Esther Samson, headmistress of a village school in Devon, describes through her extraordinary experiences how she reached her present belief.
19.15 Benson 
Robert Guillaume in "Marcy's Wedding" - Marcy's wedding arrangements are going smoothly, with the help of Benson's genius for organising, but then her mother arrives.
19.45 Hawaii Five-O 
"Angel in Blue" - Crime-fighting adventure with Steve McGarrett and his squad of detectives. Tonight an undercover agent is faced with the problem of trying to prevent a drugs shipment from entering Hawaii.
20.40 Bless Me, Father 
by Peter de Rosa. Arthur Lowe in "A Legend Comes to Stay", with Daniel Abineri, Gabrielle Daye. When Father Duddleswell was younger he was curate to a legendary eccentric, Father Abe. Suddenly, 40 years later, the old man comes to stay.
21.15 ITN News 
21.55 Nickleby & Co. 
Melvyn Bragg. For its 100th programme, The South Bank Show has made a two hour special documentary, looking behind the scenes at the making of The Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Nicholas Nickleby. The RSC's adaptation is already a landmark in English theatre. Not since Peter Brook's A Midsummer Night's Dream has a production so entranced or thrilled its audience with the freshness of its approach. Andrew Snell and his production team were given a rare access to all stages of rehearsal from the early days, before the production was cast, to the final hectic moments of the dress rehearsals. Nickleby & Co r. reveals the way one of the world's leading theatre companies has approached a major new work under the guidance of its artistic director, Trevor Nunn and his co-director John Caird.
23.40 The Palace Presents 
Jack Jones presents this late-night variety show, which features Roger Miller, Melba Moore and Marty Allen.
00.45 Close 
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