01 August 1981

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ITV - Thames/LWT

Source: TV Times 01-07 August 1981 (Thames/LWT)

08.45 Seasame Street 
Fun and learning with the Muppets and their friends.
09.45 Joe 90 
"Break Out" - Wonder Boy Joe is abducted.
10.10 The Beachcombers 
"Bath Tubs" - Outdoor adventure series set in British Columbia, Canada. A boom in bath tubs makes for healthy profits at the junkyard.
10.35 Thunderbirds 
"Thirty Minutes After Noon" by Alan Fennell. A man is trapped in the lift of a blazing building.
11.30 Clapperboard 
Chris Kelly. A look behind the scenes at the making of the adventure film "Raiders of the Lost Ark", starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. It's directed by Steven Spielberg - best known for "Jaws" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - and produced by George Lucas, of "Star Wars" fame.
12.00 Lost Islands 
Robert Edgington in "The Treasure Map". Adventures with a group of children stranded on some remote uncharted islands in the Pacific.
12.30 World of Sport 
Introduced by Dickie Davies.

12.35 International Sports Special 1 - Golf (The US Women's Open Championship from La Grange, Illinois)

13.15 ITN News

13.20 The ITN Six - John Oaksey at Newcastle and Brough Scott at Thirsk introduce the best races from both meetings: 13.30 Newcastle - Brooke Bond Coffee Cup (Amateur Riders) (1 1/2m) 13.45 Thirsk - Crathorne Stakes (6f) 14.00 Newcastle - Cobnut Claiming H'cap (6f) 14.15 Thirsk - Wheeler's Northern Little Fish Apprentice H'cap Stakes (1m) 14.30 Newcastle - Tolly Cobbold Trophy (Nursery H'cap) (6f) 14.45 Thirsk - Directors Trophy (H'cap) (1 1/2m)

14.55 International Sports Special 2 - Speedway (The International Final from Vojens, Denmark) and Polo (The Coronation Cup from Smith's Lawn, Windsor)

16.00 Wrestling - from Brent Town Hall.

16.50 Results Service - News round-up, cricket, racing and Australian Pools.

17.05 Worzel Gummidge 
by Keith Waterhouse, Willis hall. Jon Pertwee in "Very Good, Worzel". Mrs Bloomsbury-Barton gives a luncheon party to impress her neighbour.
17.35 ITN News
17.40 Chips 
"Sick Leave" - Jon (Larry Wilcox) and Ponch (Erik Estrada) discover there is more to their special peace-keeping assignment during a students' rag week than they imagined.
18.35 Mind Your Language 
by Vince Powell. Barry Evans in "Many Happy Returns". English teacher Jeremy Brown tries to make sure student Ranjeet Singh's return visit to India is an experience he will never forget.
19.05 Russ Abbot's Saturday Madhouse 
with Dustin Gee, Patti Gold, Michael Barrymore, Susie Blake, Jeffrey Holland, Bella Emberg. More summer madness with Russ Abbot and his gang. This week a Viking arrives at the local pub - a few hundred years late. A dummy holds up a bank, and Vince Prince and the Tone Deafs sing their latest 'hit'. Plus Cooperman and Blunderwoman, Geronimo, the Jimmies, Boggles and all your favourites.
19.35 Murder in Music City 
Sonny Bono, Lee Purcell. Successful composer Sonny Hunt and his bride, fashion model Susie, are on honeymoon when Sonny discovers a murdered private detective in his flat. The sole clue appears to be a ticket to a country music concert in New York's Lincoln Centre. The couple become amateur sleuths.
21.20 Seagull Island 
by Augusto Caminito, Jeremy Burnham.

Jeremy Brett, Nicky Henson, Prunella Ransome, Pamela Salem, Gabriele Tinti. Episode Three: Barbara, searching for her blind sister, Mary-Ann, pretends she is blind herself, and accepts an invitation to Seagull Island, a place of strange noises and mystery.

22.20 ITN News and Sport
22.35 House on the Hill 
Rachel Davies, James Telfer, Raymond Thompson in "Something for the Boys", by Drew Griffiths. Another play in this series about life in a house in Glasgow. It is 1944 and the invasion of Europe is imminent. The house is a vast storage place for the US Military, with the exception of the basement. Jean, the caretaker, has other uses for it.
23.35 Let's Rock 
Lulu, Joe Brown, Alvin Stardust, Shakin' Stevens, Freddie "Fingers" Lee, Billy GBH Hartman, Bogdan, Den Hegarty. "On your mark. Get set. Now ready..." and it's another rocking session with GBH - your resident host - saying let's rock!
00.05 Police Surgeon 
"Target Ms Blue" - A policewoman's (Sharon Farrell) life is endangered when she befriends a hoodlum.
00.35 Close 

followed by Closedown.

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