25 December 1968

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Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears

08.55 Carol Story
09.25 The News
09.30 Jackanory
09.45 Professor in Toyland
10.15 A Spoonful of Sugar
10.45 Family Service
11.30 Meet the Kids 
with Ray Alan
12.15 The Charlie Drake Show
13.00 The Newcomers
13.25 Top of the Pops 68 
with Pete Murray and Jimmy Savile
14.10 The Black and White Minstrel Christmas Show
15.00 The Queen
15.05 Billy Smart's Circus
16.10 Disney Time 
with Val Doonican
17.00 Humpty Dumpty 
starring Leslie Crowther and Reg Varney
18.30 The News
18.35 Christian Aid
18.40 Christmas Night with the Stars 
introduced by Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, featuring Not in Front of the Children, Dad's Army, Harry Worth, Ice Cabaret, Marty Feldman, Oh Brother!, All Gas and Gaiters
20.45 Doddy for Christmas
21.45 FILM- Some Like It Hot
23.40 The News
23.50 Quiz of the Year
00.25 Of the Nativite of Oure Lorde


Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears

09.15-09.30 Apollo report
11.20 Play School
11.40 Christmas Morning at Windsor Castle
11.55-12.10 Apollo report
15.00 The Queen
15.05 The Royal Ballet present The Nutcracker
16.45 Peace on Earth
17.00 FILM- Lords of the Forest
18.30 Dimensions 
A clownish exercise in perspective
18.40 FILM- Lancelot and Guinevere
20.35 The News
20.45 The Merry Widow
22.30 The Harry Secombe Show
23.25 Mr Rossi on the Beach
23.40 FILM- Anchors Aweigh 
starring Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Kathryn Grayson
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