25 December 1956

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BBC Television

Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears

11.00-12.00 A Family Service 
from Warwick Road Congregational Church, Coventry
14.55 The Duke of Edinburgh 
speaks from the Royal Yacht Britannia in South Pacific waters (sound only)
15.00 The Queen 
(sound only)
15.15 The Variety Theatre of China
15.30 Grand Circus 
from Paris
16.30 Puss in Boots 
told by Johnny Morris
16.50 The Lone Ranger
17.15 The Ice Crackers 
with Max Wall
17.45 Today's Sport
17.50 Weather and What's On Tonight
18.00 The Marriage of Figaro 
by Mozart. Act II, from Germany
19.00 News
19.10 Christmas Disneyland
19.45 Pantomania, or Dick Whittington 
by Eric Sykes, with Jean Kent, Sylvia Peters, Frankie Howerd, Hattie Jacques, Billy Cotton, Spike Milligan, Fred Emney, David Attenborough
20.45 Home is the Sailor 
by Arthur Macrae
22.00 Music for You 
with Eric Robinson
23.15 News and weather
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