07 April 1956

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London (Channel 9) presented by Associated TeleVision, Ltd.

Source: TV Times April 5, 1956

15.00 Music Shop 
The Rendezvous of popular recording stars from both sids of the Atlantic with Gerry Wilmot as your host.
15.33 Home With Joy Shelton 
Spotlight On Nylon. Another in Joy Shelton's popular series in which she presents the wonderful world of nylon.
15.55 Assocation Football 
Second half of the F.A. Amateur Cup Final from Wembley Stadium. For this first of the two Assocation Football Cup Finals, Independant Television is linking up with the B.B.C. Television Outside Broadcast cameras for a joint transmission of the second half of the match between Bishop Auckland and Corinthian Casuals at Wembley. Commentators for Independant Television: Peter Lloyd and Jack Bannister.
16.50 Superman Cartoon 
A new fifteen minute adventure with The Other Superman.
17.05 Junior Television
  • 17.05 Muffin The Mule 
    introduced by Vincent Ball. Presented by Ann Hogarth and Jan Bussell.
  • ATV Junior Club 
    Junior viewers are again invited to see Fred Henry in another edition of their own Television Club. Join him in the games and stories, and don't forget to have paper and pencils ready for this week's competition.
  • 17.25 Lassie 
    A new adventure of the world's most famous dog. The Brat. This week Lassie has to stand back and watch Jeff and Porky being badly kicked by a speechless five year old. Why does mom have to get the wrong end of the stick and think that Jeff and Porky are bullying the little boy?
17.50 Sports Results 
Read by John Singer. Presented by John Wynn Jones.
18.00 Close-down till 19.00.
19.00 News 
The latest from the studios of Independent Television News. Newscaster—Christopher Chataway
19.05 Sports News 
Topical events are discussed by sports personalities. Introduced by Peter Lloyd.
19.15 Highway Patrol 
Starring Broderick Crawford as Dan Mathews, of the Californian Highway Patrol. The second of a new series showing how the men of the Highway Patrol keep the State highways free of crime.
19.45 Movie Magazine 
Presented by Cecil Petty. John Fitzgerald brings you news and scenes from popular films.
20.15 George and Alfred Black present Saturday Showtime 
with Jimmy Logan. Three's Company. Comedy directed by Eric Sykes.
21.00 Double Feature 
Introduced by John Wynn Jones
  • A New Life 
    by Dan Harris. Starring Ron Randell. Executive producer- Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo 
    The Devil's Emmissary. Adapted from the world famous classic by Alexandre Dumas. Starring George Dolenz and Nick Cravat. Diabolo is an appropriate name for a man suspected of practising black magic, and the Count and his henchmen are in for trouble when they run up against the Devil's Emissary.
22.00 On The Town 
With Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly as your host and hostess. Including personalities, news, music and entertainment from the world of show business. This week's programme comes from the Colony Restaurant, Berkeley Square. Produced by Henry Caldwell
22.45 News 
The latest from the studios of Independent Television News. Newscaster—Christopher Chataway
23.00 Close-down
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